Advertise for research subjects at

On the site Research at there is a page where researchers at Karolinska Institutet can advertise for research/clinical trial subjects. Here are some instructions to researchers and web editors.

On the advertising page, there is information for people who wish to become research subjects – both in general terms of what is involved in being a research subject/trial subject and what studies you can notify your interest in. It is the main web-editor at each department who manages the advertising.

Instructions for researchers

As a KI researcher, you can search for prospective research subjects/trial subjects by advertising on the external website. The main web-editor at your department is responsible for the publication and removal of the advertisement.

What to do:

  • Fill in the form with your advertising information; write briefly and do not forget to fill in when your advert is to be removed.
  • Select the department you belong to from the list, and submit the form.

Some tips:

  • In order to more easily process expressions of interest to your study, you can use KI Survey via a link in your advertisement.
  • Try using social media to share the link to your ad on the KI website. But please, check out the KI guidelines for social media at work before you start.
  • Always use email addresses with a KI domain when advertising externally. It is both safer than for example Gmail, and it makes the advert more trustworthy. If you do not want to use a personal e-mail address, you can apply for a separate function-address (shared mailbox) from the IT Office at KI, without extra cost.

Instructions for editors

All advertisements come on a form which the researcher has filled in. This information is about the study, as well as contact information.

The form is sent automatically to the KI Communications and Public Relations Office, they in turn forwards forms received to the relevant editor.

Before you start:

You need to have access the site News and calendar events at before you begin. If you do not already have it, send an email to and ask to receive access to this site.

Please note that ads for research subjects are included in news feeds at both the page “Research Subjects Wanted” and the frontpage at the News site (KI News). Therefore, it is important that the headline of your news item is short and distinct – and that it is obvious in the headline and/or the start of the text that this is an ad for research subjects. Make sure to check how your headline turns out in the news feeds, and to correct until you are happy with the result.

Example 1: How does time of day affect blood sugar and exercise? Participants wanted for new study

Example 2: Advertisement: Do you have a teenager at home? Please help us answer some questions

What to do:

  • Create a news article: Go to the site News and calender events, find "Content" in the top menue, and then select "Add content" and "News article". Fill in the information you have received in the form/e-mail. Be sure to write the start, body text and contact information. The person responsible for the content is the study leader/principle investigator. Also choose language. 
  • Audience (target group) should be "Extern". 
  • Tags: Select the "Administrative" tag menue and use the tag "Ads human subject research" in English and "Annonser försöksperson" in Swedish. If you do not fill in this tag, the advertisement will not appear in the ads feed at the webpage. There is also a tag for human research subjects in the tag menue "Research". However, this tag is not connected to the Research Subject Wanted feed – and should not be used in ads, as this will feed them into the wrong news lists on 
  • In the menu "included in and language version": Link back to the page Research Subjects Wanted and perhaps also to the website of your own department. If possible, make an English/Swedish version and link the language versions to each other from both ends.
  • Profile reference: If the researcher wants the advertisement to appear on his/her profile page, please fill in this field.
  • Add any documents and links.


This is what it should look like:

Select language, the corrrect audience and tag.

More tips and advice