Commuter bus

The Commuter bus runs students and staff between Campus Solna och Campus Flemingsberg on ​​weekdays. Swedish holidays excluded.

Timetable (24/6 - 8/8)

Times apply Monday - Friday (Swedish holidays excluded).

The journey takes about 35 minutes.


Från Flemingsberg (Hälsovägen)

7:40   9:00   10:00   11:00   12:30   13:35   15:35   16:20   

Från Solna (Nobels väg 5)

7:20   9:15   10:00   11:40   12:20   14:00   14:50   16:25  


The bus only stops at the stops specified below

Campus Solna - The stop is located at Karolinska Institutet, Nobels väg 5.

Campus Flemingsberg - The stop is located at Hälsovägen next to the stops of SL

Pendelbussen Photo: Westin Buss

Using the Commuter Bus

To travel on the shuttle bus, you must show a valid access card.

For guest/guests who need to travel between the Campuses/Hospitals, it is possible to obtain a certificate for this. Contact Fastighetsavdelningen's service unit if such a need arises.

State the name of the person to whom the certificate is to be issued, the responsible institution and the name of person responsible for the guest.

Where is the commuter bus?

The shuttle bus does its best to run according to the timetable, but sometimes it is not possible due to the traffic situation. To see where the bus/buses are on their way between campus Flemingsberg and campus Solna, there is an app for Android and iPhone. The app is called Pendelbussen and is available where apps are available.


Network: WESTIN_(Bus

Please Note

Chemicals and scientific samples classified as dangerous goods must absolutely not be transported with the bus. Special transport is available for the transport of chemicals and scientific samples. See further under links at the bottom of the page.

Bicycles and electric scooters/Voi are not allowed on the bus.

It is not permitted to bring animals on the shuttle bus with the exception of guide dogs.

Lost property 

Lost and found items are collected at Westin's depot. Contact the bus company via email, (Write "Hittegods" in the subject line) Describe the lost item (what it is, color shape, brand/model, etc.) and time/date.



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Westins Buss: (Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00)

Phone: 08-545 424 20, E-mail

The service is jointly funded by Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital.

Karolinska Institutet: Service unit
Karolinska University Hospital:

The shuttle bus runs fossil-free

As part of KI's environmental and sustainability work, the goal is to reduce the climate impact of business trips.
Therefore, KI and Karolinska University Hospital have agreed that the shuttle bus between campus Solna and campus Flemingsberg will run 100% on fossil-free fuel.

Westins Bus runs with modern, fuel-efficient buses with the lowest environmental class Euro6 (also applies to reserve vehicles), and is fueled exclusively with 100% renewable fuel (HVO100), which means a CO2 reduction of over 90% compared to fossil products (according to Shell's website). The fuel is also classified as less dangerous than petroleum-based/fossil diesel.

Attention to the environment - both inside and outside the bus!

The system works with sensors in the bus to maintain an even and comfortable temperature with optimized energy consumption. All air that is taken in passes through a filter to avoid pollen and dust.

Westin's buses are of course equipped with an alcohol lock, seat belts and an automatic extinguishing system in the engine compartment! 

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