Courses for the doctoral programme in development and regeneration

Here you can find the courses we offer and relevant information for both course organisers and students.

Information for course organisers


Decision on planning for on-campus and online teaching extended to 6 June 2021. You can find the new recommendations as usual on the COVID-19 resource hub along with information on how to act to help reduce the spread of infection.

Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on KI’s doctoral education
2021-02-26 Adaptations made to new KI recommendations regarding face masks

Information for staff and students regarding COVID-19
Staff and students are urged to keep themselves informed daily in order to find out about and act upon the latest recommendations. KI will now start to plan a return to campus-based teaching this autumn in compliance with the Public Health Agency’s recommendations. In practice, this means that some theoretical topics will continue to be taught remotely to enable campus-based teaching for priority groups and activities.

Risk assessment for campus-based course or other learning activity
Read about the exceptions from distance teaching that are allowed and about the risk assessment that must be done for activities planned for campus location (template included).

Deviations and online activities due to COVID-19
This page describes how to document deviations.

Tips for online teaching 


Here you can find the course catalogue for the autumn semester of 2021. The application period for the autumn semester of 2021 runs from 15 April to 17 May 2021.

You can find an overview of the admission workflow and a guide on how to extract applications lists from KIWAS for a specific course in the document section below.

More information about selection and admission (including handling late applications). 

Examination and evaluation

About examination.

About course evaluation and analysis.


The deadlines for courses that are advertised in the course catalogue for the autumn semester of 2021 are:

Course syllabi

  • Monday 22 February: submission (via KIWAS) of course syllabi (new or revised) for courses that are to be advertised in the course catalogue for the autumn semester (HT21). Please note: no revision is needed if the current syllabus is still up-to-date.
  • Monday 10 May: submission of course syllabi (new or revised) via KIWAS for courses to be given within the research schools
  • Full information about deadlines

Course occasions

  • Monday 15 March: entering of course occasions course occasions in KIWAS for courses that are to be advertised in the course catalogue for the autumn semester (HT21).
  • Monday 31 May: submission of list of planned courses (in template) for courses to be given within the research schools during the autumn semester (HT21).

Applications for funding


A brief guideline for DEVREG course organization, evaluation, and report.

Arranging doctoral courses & activities

Information that you need for planning, implementation and subsequent work.


You can download the report form below (see documents).

Adapting or cancelling a course

Adapting the course offerings to demand. We are trying to better meet the needs of both doctoral students and post docs for courses by looking into both financing and teacher capacity. To enable us to do this, we will ask course providers to reply to a short survey in case they have had applicants (KI doctoral students and postdocs) that meet the selection criteria for their course, but whom they have not been able to offer a course place. The survey will be sent separately to those stated as course responsible or contact person in the course catalogues for autumn 2019 and spring 2020.

How do doctoral students cancel their participation in a course? How are late droputs handled? What do I need to do when I have decided to cancel a course? These questions and a few more are answered on this page: About student cancellations, late dropout and cancellation of a course.

Information for master's students


Syllabus for Advanced Course in Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine, 2020 Autumn.