Courses for the doctoral programme in development and regeneration

Here you can find the courses we offer and relevant information for both course organisers and students.

Autumn  2024

Spring  2024

Autumn  2023

Spring 2023

Information for course organisers


The course catalogue for the spring semester of 2024, will be open for application during the period 16 October to 15 November, 2023.

You can find an overview of the admission workflow and a guide on how to extract applications lists from KIWAS for a specific course in the document section below.

More information about selection and admission (including handling late applications). 

Examination and evaluation

About examination.

About course evaluation and analysis.

The course evaluations are carried out by Teaching and Learning (TL/UoL) who are provided with a list of the planned courses, both the ones advertised via the course catalogue and those arranged within the research schools.

However, to be able to do this they need a participant list from the course provider in time, which is the day after the course start. This enables them to prepare for sending the course evaluation to the participants the day after the course end-date. The email address to use is:

Current deadlines related to doctoral courses and activities 


A brief guideline for DEVREG course organization, evaluation, and report.

Arranging doctoral courses & activities

Information that you need for planning, implementation and subsequent work.


You can download the DevReg report form at the bottom of the page (documents).

Adapting or cancelling a course

Adapting the course offerings to demand. We are trying to better meet the needs of both doctoral students and post docs for courses by looking into both financing and teacher capacity. To enable us to do this, we will ask course providers to reply to a short survey in case they have had applicants (KI doctoral students and postdocs) that meet the selection criteria for their course, but whom they have not been able to offer a course place. The survey will be sent separately to those stated as course responsible or contact person in the course catalogues for autumn 2019 and spring 2020.

How do doctoral students cancel their participation in a course? How are late droputs handled? What do I need to do when I have decided to cancel a course? These questions and a few more are answered on this page: About student cancellations, late dropout and cancellation of a course.

Information for master's students

Master student potential research projects


Recommended activities for Course Organizers

Because it is important to strengthen and integrate different components of course programs that are relevant to the Agenda 2030/ global perspective and equal opportunities in education and research. Here are some suggested available educational courses on Canvas for program organizers.

Sustainable Development Goals

Discrimination & Equal Opportunities

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