Dishwashing facility

There is a central lab dishwashing and autoclaving facility in Biomedicum located on floor 2. Personnel from the dishwashing facility pick up materials for dishwashing and autoclaving on a daily basis.

Black container for dirty (non-contaminated) materials or laboratory glass.

Dishwashing service

Non-contaminated materials or glass for dishwashing

  1. Place dirty (but non-contaminated) materials or laboratory glass for dishwashing in the black container in your quarter waste room, by the space marked “Lab Washing – dirty but non-contaminated” (see picture).
  2. All glassware sent to dishwashing must be rinsed and free from biological- and/or chemical contamination. Decontaminate with verified method first, if necessary.
  3. Group specific laboratory glass are to be placed in a container, labelled with your name and quarter. This will ensure that you will receive the same glassware back.
  4. FM will collect all dirty lab glassware from the quarters and transport it to the central dish washing unit on floor 2 on a daily basis.
  5. Cleaned and, if needed, sterilized lab glassware will be returned to the room for clean lab glassware (one per floor).

Materials or glassware with infectious or biological materials must be sent for autoclaving before dishwashing. Please see section "Contaminated materials or glass for autoclaving and dishwashing" for more information.

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