Low temperature freezer storage facility

In each lab quarter there are niches for -80°C freezers. The niches are equipped with backup power and connection to the central freezer temperature alarm system. In addition, on floor 2 there are five rooms for low temperature freezers (-80°C, -150°C) with backup power and connection to the central freezer alarm.

There are two rooms equipped with liquid-nitrogen cooled cryofreezes on floor 2. The cryofreezers are filled via an automatic liquid-nitrogen filling system. All cryofreezers are connected to the central freezer alarm. The cryofreezers are a common facility at Biomedicum, and managed by FM. 

FM provides on-call freezer alarm service round the clock, all days of the week, for freezers connected to the central alarm system. FM is in charge of the emergency freezers that are used in case of freezer failures. The emergency freezers may also be used for defrosting purposes, but only following contact with FM. 

For access to the rooms with cryofreezers, there is a requirement to attend the Biomedicum 'Liquid Nitrogen Safety Course'. 

For more information about the course and about storage in liquid-nitrogen cooled freezers, please contact FM Helpdesk 

For further information on low temperature storage please contact Katrin Pütsep

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