Courses and seminars for supervisors

Supervisor training at KI provides continual support and development in order to produce the future supervisors who will form the bedrock of world-leading doctoral education. The aims of the courses are to explain, inform and instruct about the role of supervisor and to prepare incumbents for the different situations that can arise in the interests of successful prevention and management.

Web course for supervisors

The web course for supervisors includes a review of the rules of doctoral education - both those provided by the Higher Education Ordinance and those laid down by KI. The course is compulsory for all who wish to be registered as a principal supervisor and is an eligibility requirement for all other supervisor training courses at KI.

Introductory doctoral supervisor course

The introductory doctoral supervisor course comprises several topics of concern to supervisor's role and responsibilities and to communication. The course is obligatory for all who wish to register as a principal supervisor and who have not previously guided a doctoral student to graduation at a Swedish university. The course lasts five full days and corresponds to a week of full-time study.

Pedagogy for doctoral supervisors

The focus of the course pedagogy for doctoral supervisors is on student learning and on the pedagogy of doctoral supervision. The course is a continuation of the Introductory Doctoral supervisor course. The course corresponds to one week of full-time study, comprising five scheduled half days. The time in between the scheduled days the participants are expected to work with a personal development project focusing on some aspect of one's own tutorial.

Leadership for research group leaders

The course Leadership for research group leaders is for research group leaders with minimum two members in their group and who have taken the introductory course in doctoral supervision and the web course for supervisors, or who have the equivalent competence. More information will come shortly. The course will start in September 2015.


The role of doctoral supervisor involves exchanging experiences with colleagues. To this end, the Board of Doctoral Education arranges lunchtime seminars to provide KI supervisors with a forum for competence development and regular opportunities to meet colleagues in a similar situation.

These seminars allow participants to discuss matters and exchange experiences relating to their supervisory role and to keep themselves updated on the latest news connected to doctoral education. The seminar programme varies; sometimes we invite speakers to share their own experiences as supervisors, or experts to hold talks on particular issues. The aims are to help participants understand their own position as supervisors and to inspire and encourage them to find their own ways of dealing with the challenges that the role brings.





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