Web course for doctoral supervisors at KI

The purpose of this course is to provide the supervisor with a way to become updated on the current rules that regulate doctoral education.

In order to ensure that KI’s doctoral supervisors are familiar with the latest rules for doctoral education at KI, as of 1 April 2016 all principal supervisors must have passed the web course for doctoral supervisors within 5 years of a new student admission.

This course is published in KI's e-learning environment called Canvas.

Upon completion of the course

The goal is that you:

  • are familiar with the rules that regulate doctoral education at KI.
  • are familiar with the organization for doctoral education at KI
  • know where you can find more information about doctoral education at KI and about supervision.


The Web course is divided into nine sections and they ends questions to answer. Each section begins with a brief presentation of texts with reference to the relevant rules and laws, administrative documents and other relevant literature in the form of links. All questions are so-called multiple-choice; more than one answer (and sometimes none) can be correct.

You can take the tests an unlimited number of times.The test questions are obtained randomly from a question bank which means that new questions may appear for each new try.

Examples content

  • Admission

  • Individual study plans

  • Courses

  • Doctoral Supervision

  • Financing

  • Sustainability

It is possible to cancel the course and resume it again at a later occasion. The course takes about 1-2 hours to complete. Note that there are more detailed instructions in the web course itself once you have logged in.

When you have completed the very last question, you will be able to print out a certificate and save it. This is your proof that you have completed the web course for doctoral supervisors at KI.

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If you have a KI ID, please register for the course here by following this link: Web course for Doctoral Supervisors 


If you do not have a KI-ID, please follow this link: Web course for Doctoral Supervisors_without KI-ID


Elisabet Lindgren

Education Officer