Pedagogy for doctoral supervisors

Pedagogy for doctoral supervisors is a continuation of the obligatory introductory course in doctoral supervision, and focuses on learning processes and supervisory pedagogy.

Purpose and content

The aim of the course is to strengthen and stimulate the ability of participants to create a teaching/learning process that promotes the students growth into an independent researcher. The course includes pedagogical theory and research on learning and their application in doctoral education. The course focuses on the students responsibilities and interactions in a variety of learning situations, and discusses the meaning of progression and how the process of independence and intended learning outcomes can be achieved.

The course provides a deeper understanding of supervising the doctoral learning process at an individual and group level. Participants learn to identify learning situations, formulate intended learning outcomes, encourage meaningful learning and use questions and reflection in their supervision. They are also made familiar with different research environments in medical science in order to gain the perspective they need to be able to decide for themselves how doctoral education is related to the values and conditions that exist in the research environment.

Course themes:

  • The good research supervisor
  • Professionalism in the role of a supervisor
  • Supporting the writing process through feedback
  • Supervision in particular contexts


The duration of the course corresponds to two weeks of full-time study, comprising five scheduled half days. The time in between the scheduled days the participants are expected to work with a personal development project focusing on some aspect of one's own tutorial and the participants should be able to dedicate the necessary time. The project will be presented at the final seminar.

The course is considered part of the qualifications required for a docentship.

Eligibility and selection

The course is for active researchers and supervisors at KI (or one of its partner universities) who have taken the introductory course in doctoral supervision and the web course for supervisors.

If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of places available, a selection process will take place, in which priority will be given to active supervisors. Course places will be allocated in a way that creates a good group dynamic with respect to supervisory experience between clinical and preclinical participants and departmental affiliation.

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Autumn  2024

Language: English

This course consists of five (5) seminars at 13.00-16.00 (seminar no 1 full day, 9-16)


  • September 10th (9-16) Campus Flemingsberg
  • October 8th (13-16) Campus Solna
  • November 13th (13-16) Campus Solna
  • December 9th (13-16) Campus Solna
  • January 15th 2025 (13-16) Campus Flemingsberg

Registration will open, March15th - April 15th

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After April 15th it will be possible to register for at waiting list.

Spring 2024

Language: English

Five (5) seminars at 13.00-16.00 (seminar no 1 full day, 9-16)

Dates/ place:

  • 30 January, (9-16) Campus Flemingsberg
  • 21 February, (13-16) Campus Solna 
  • 12 March, (13-16) Campus Solna 
  • 16 April, (13-16) Campus Solna 
  • 14 May, (13-16) Campus Flemingsberg 

Registration closed 
Please contact Education officer reg. places for late registration.

Last day to register October 15th 


Course is given by Unit for Teaching and Learning.

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Juha Nieminen

Course leader

Elisabet Lindgren

Education officer