Preliminary review by the Examination Board - Licentiate degree

When the Dissertation Committee has approved your licentiate seminar application, you have to send a copy of the original application (pages L1-L6) and all constituent papers to the Examination Board.

You also have to send a completed form 7 to the Examination Board coordinator. The Dissertation Committee administrator makes sure that the Examination Board receives the signed application and instructions for how to proceed.

The Examination Board then has two weeks to judge whether the constituent papers are of a scientific standard expected of an internationally pre-eminent university and of a scope corresponding to two years of full-time education.

When the Examination Board has finished its review, the coordinator sends a signed form 7 to the Dissertation Committee administrator, who will forward it together with further instructions to you and your supervisor(s).

If you have not received any notice two and a half weeks after you sent the documents to the Examination Board, please contact the Dissertation Committe´s administrator. It is inappropriate for the student/supervisor to contact the Examination Board during their preliminary review.

The Examination Board is to conduct its preliminary review during semester time unless otherwise arranged before the application was submitted.

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