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ERC Application Guidelines

Here we provide a guide for applications to the ERC calls with Karolinska Institutet (KI) as your host institution.

Calls and closing dates:

The 2019 ERC Work Programme was adopted on 6th September 2018. Follow this link to read about new features that are introduced in the 2019 ERC Work Programme.

ERC-2019-StG: Call closed on 17th October 2018

ERC-2019-SyG (ERC Synergy grant): Call closed on 8th November 2018; the ERC-2020-SyG deadline will likely be in autumn 2019.

ERC-2019-PoC (ERC Proof of Concept Grant): Call opened on 16th October 2018; Cut-off dates: 22nd January 2019, 25th April 2019, 19th September 2019

ERC-2019-CoG: Call closed on 7th February 2019

ERC-2019-AdG: Call open; Deadline 29/08/2019

Work Programme and Guide for Applicants

A full overview of the 2019 calls and comprehensive information can be found in the ERC Work Programme 2019 document.

Specific guidelines for applying to the different types of ERC grants can be found in the following documents:

**Please note that restrictions apply if you have applied previously and have obtained categories B and C in Step 1 of the evaluation process. See pages 19-20 of the ERC Work Programme 2019 for more information.

Host Support Letter for ERC 2019 applications

A Host Support Letter with KI's logo is required for all ERC applications:

  • StG, CoG, AdG Host Support Letter (for Starting, Consolidator, and Advanced ERC applications)
  • SyG Host Support Letter (for Synergy ERC applications)
  • PoC Host Support Letter (for Proof-of-Concept ERC applications)

The Host Support Letter must be signed by an Authorised Representative; in most cases, this is the Head of Grants Office, Björn Kull. Fill in the Host Support Letter with your name, project acronym and title. An Application Assurance Form, which is completed by the PI, Head of Department and Head of Administration, is a prerequisite for obtaining a signed Host Support Letter from Grants Office. Send completed forms to Grants Office, and we will send you a scanned pdf of the signed Host Support Letter. You must submit this pdf together with your proposal.

Registering your application

Go to the submission link and log in with your ECAS account login (ECAS = European Commission Authentication Service). Choose External and login. Otherwise, choose External and Create an account, and follow the given instructions.

Once you have logged in and provided basic information you will come to STEP 3. Here you should log in and create a draft proposal. Information you will need at STEP 3 is:

KI’s PIC (PIC = Participant Identification Code): 999978530
Registration data for the proposal, i.e. Acronym and Short Summary
Select an ERC Review Panel

The registration data can be updated/changed at a later stage.

STEP 4 Add Björn Kull as your Main Host Institution Contact and as his contact address - DO NOT USE HIS OWN EMAIL ADDRESS! See the Participants and Contacts guidelines for further clarification

STEP 5 Edit the proposal. Click on edit forms to enter the administrative part of the proposal, called Proposal Submission Forms. The administrative forms must be completed online. Some parts of the forms are prefilled based on your data entered at registration.

Download Part B templates (in left column). These forms can be filled in off-line and uploaded when complete.

Application Guides

Here you will find detailed guidelines to completing Part B1, Part B2 and the Ethical Self-Assessment for ERC Frontier Research Grant (i.e., StG, CoG, AdG and SyG) applications; VPN access and a KI login are required to access these guidelines when off campus. For tips on preparing ERC Proof of Concept Grant applications, visit our Proof of Concept web page.

Panel Members

For StG, CoG and AdG applications, choosing the right panel is an important step towards having your proposal reviewed favourably. ERC panel members generally sit for 3-4 terms and sit every second year.



Jodie Guy Claesson

Phone:+46-(0)8-524 869 59

Organizational unit:Grants Office




Tamsin Lindström

Phone:+46-(0)8-524 869 86

Organizational unit:Grants Office