Guide to MedH communications channels

Here you find a short overview of the MedH channels for communication, with a focus on internal communication.

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Don't forget to log in to the KI Staff portal every week! - Make sure not to miss exciting news and events at the department and KI. All staff at KI and MedH have communication responsibilities — it is your job to keep up to date on current topics concerning the department and KI. Read more about responsibility for communications in the Karolinska Institutet's Communications Policy.

For questions regarding the MedH communications channels, please contact:

Newsletter and internal web pages at KI Staff Portal

MedH Newsletter

At MedH we have an internal newsletter, MedH Newsletter distributed by email to all MedH Staff, three times per semester. The newsletter contains information from the Head of Department with the Management group (ledningsgruppen) and the Central Administration. Other examples of content is tips and tricks on KI/MedH tools and courses, research and education news concerning MedH, and interviews with MedH staff members.

For staff at MedH at

The main target group for staff at MedH, is employees and affiliated staff at MedH (but the site is also accessible to the public and other target groups). On the MedH Staff portal you find internal news, calendar and operating information. You can also find information about the MedH Management group, MedH:s internal strategy and the MedH delegation rules.

List of the internal communication channels at MedH. Updated fall of 2021.

E-mail and Management group meetings


E-mail is used frequently for important information to MedH staff, including news, invitations to seminars and events at KI and MedH. There are several e-maillists in use, log in for more details.

MedH Management group meetings

The MedH Management group meets every second week to discuss current issues at KI and MedH. Decisions made during these meetings are communicated to the MedH staff in the MedH newsletter for example.

List of the internal communication channels at MedH. Updated fall of 2021.

Department meetings

The MedH department meetings are digital, hybrid or physical meetings, usually held around four times per year. The Head of Department invites the whole department for dialogue around issues concerning MedH.

List of the internal communication channels at MedH. Updated fall of 2021.

MedH:s external communication

On the MedH external site at you can find contact details to the Central Administration, information about the research and education conducted at the department, news and calendar events.

MedH:s main external communication channel. Updated fall of 2021.

E-mail lists for communication via e-mail, by log in only


More information for logged in staff

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