Work environment at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge

On this page you can read about the systematic actions at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH) to ensure a good work environment. You can also find contact details for the work environment groups, safety representatives and the Environmental and sustainability representative at MedH.

The Head of Department is responsible for the systematic activities and resources regarding the work environment and health at MedH.At the department there is a work environment group with representatives from various areas of activity, both employees and employers, as well as safety representatives. The work environment group is divided into two sections;

  • Work environment group for physical work environment 
  • Work environment group for organizational and social work environment

Work environment and health at KI

If something happens

If something happens, you should first contact your immediate manager, secondly HR or Safety Representative at MedH. If you have been involved in or witnessed some kind of irregular or unlawful situation or noticed a potential danger, it's important that you report this as soon as you can.

Security guards at campus, checklists for workplace accidents and crisis management at KI

Physical work environment group

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Julian Walfridsson

Chair, Biosafety representative, Researcher

Professor Yenan Bryceson, Director of flammable goods.

Biomedical analyst Mari Gilljam, Safety representative.

Research technician Belinda Pannagel, Chemical safety officer.

Senior Lab Manager Anne-Sofie Johansson, Responsible for fire safety.

Senior Lab Manager Elisabeth Raschperger, Chemical safety officer.

Laboratory Technician Silvia Zuniga Veliz, Safety representative.

Environmental and sustainability representative

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Sara Von Bahr Grebäck

Environmental and sustainability representative, Project coordinator, HERM

Feel free to contact me with ideas on how MedH can become a more sustainable department and workplace, or if you have questions concerning the environment and sustainability at MedH and Karolinska Institutet. 

I attend work environment meetings at Neo once a month, and meetings with all environmental coordinators at KI once per semester. I co-operate with the other environmental representative in Neo (in the future also in ANA Futura) and I occasionally call a MedH environmental meeting or brainstorming session where everyone at the department who are interested in the environment are welcome to ask questions and come with suggestions.

Organizational and social work environment group

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Jenna Almqvist

Chair, HR partner

Ellen Carlsson, HR Partner (on parental leave).

Anna Heinerö, HR Partner.

Belinda Pannagel, Chemical safety officer, Research technician.

Elisabeth Raschperger, Senior Lab Manager.

Annamaj Stolt, Head of HR.

Acting member if needed:

Mari Gilljam, Safety representative, biomedical analysis.

An inclusive work place - Seminar with Friends

In the spring of 2022, the MedH Organizational and social work environment group, arranged a seminar together with Maria Loodberg, expert advisor from the organization Friends. The theme for the seminar was how to create an inclusive workplace. Maria talked about what Friends do and why their work is important. Other points of the seminar were:

  • The meaning of degrading treatment, harassment, discrimination and so on.
  • Norms in the workplace.
  • Suppression teqhniques, strategies and validation techniques.

The recording of the seminar is now available on KI Play and in video format on this page.

Video recording of seminar with Friends, 2022

Safety representatives at MedH

Information on safety representatives at KI

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Matteo Pedrelli

Main safety representative, KI South, Flemingsberg
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Mari Gilljam

Safety representative, ANA Futura (Alici group)

Thais De Castro Barbosa

Safety representative, Lipidlab

Belinda Reinhold Pannagel

Safety representative, Hematology

Silvia Zuniga Veliz

Safety representative, CIM

Radiation safety representatives at MedH

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