If something happens

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  • C4.Neurovetenskap
  • H1.Andressoo
  • H1.Johansson
  • H1.Klinisk geriatrik
  • H1.Rising
  • H2.Biovetenskaper och näringslära
  • H5.Månsson
  • H7.Hematologi
  • K2. P Eriksson
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If something happens

If something happens

In case of emergency, call SOS Alarm: 112, In other matters KI Alarm: 08-524 80 100

Threats and violence

Threatening and violent behaviour is a serious working environment problem for our staff and students. KI will not tolerate any such behaviour in the workplace.

If you or a colleague is affected, contact your immediate supervisor, the Health and Safety Officer or the Chief Security Officer.