Layout and printing thesis

A thesis presented at KI must name Karolinska Institutet as the publishing university and is entitled to use the KI trademark. A thesis that uses the KI logo and graphic profile must follow the university’s graphic rules (handling of logo, colour and typeface).

Printing of the thesis

Your thesis may be printed once the preliminary review by the Examination Board has approved the application for public defence. The thesis must be printed and ready at least three weeks beforehand to allow time for public notification (nailing) and distribution. You must therefore make sure to contact the printing house already before submitting your defence application, to ask permission to publish from the relevant publishers and to obtain an ISBN number (for instructions see below).

Template for thesis

Starting the autumn semester of 2020, all doctoral and licentiate theses will be printed by the printing house Universitetsservice US-AB. US-AB also provide templates for the thesis and will give support and answer questions regarding formatting. You can also find graphic rules and examples regarding the thesis cover.

The templates and the printing services can be reached at US-AB-portalen. You register an account by clicking "Logga in" on the top right corner of the portal, you cannot use your KI-login. The account is free of charge.  Contact US-AB if you have any questions regarding the templates or the printing services.

Contact details for US-AB
Phone: +46(0)8 - 790 7400 

Number of copies

You will need to order:

  • 3 copies for the KI University Library
  • 10 copies for the members of the Examination Board, for your opponent, for the chairman and for nailing
  • 7 statutory copies which the printer will keep
  • However many copies are required by your department’s own guidelines
  • Any copies you might need for future use

ISBN number

Everyone thesis needs an ISBN-number.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. All books have a specific ISBN number, a sort of identification number.

Go to Getting an ISBN and login with your KI-ID. Please fill out and send the form, and you will receive an ISBN number to your email address.

Do you have any questions about ISBN?

Contact the library


Be aware of the fact that a picture (also applicable to graphs) may be protected by copyright law. You need to ask for permission from the copyright holder to use the picture in your thesis summary chapter in such case. This also applies to pictures from publications where you are (co) -author where rights have been transferred to the journal.

Read KI's guidelines for images, photos and illustrations before choosing images for your thesis. Images can be photographs but also illustrations, graphics, or collages.

Bildmakarna at KI can help you with the production of graphic images

Drawing services