MSCA COFUND co-finances new or existing doctoral programmes and postdoctoral fellowship schemes at national, regional or international level. In other words, the MSCA COFUND is used as a top-up funding for these programmes that are already funded.

The MSCA-2021-COFUND call is open with deadline 10 Feb 2022.


Next call: MSCA-2022-COFUND opens 11th October 2022 and closes 9th Feb 2023.  


Applicants are Organisations/Principal Investigators within a Consortium that runs a funded PhD- or Postdoc training program searching for top-up for that program.

Principal Investigators at KI can either apply as Coordinator of a consortium, or be invited to a consortium as Associated Partner.

Each COFUND application is based either a PhD-student training program or a Postdoc training program, the two cannot be combined within the same application. The PhD student training programmes should be based on the EU Principles on Innovative Doctoral Training. The Postdoc training programmes fund advanced training for postdoctoral researchers. 

For questions, contact Ying Zhao  

KI application assurance for MSCA-COFUND

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