MSCA Postdoc Fellowships Info Webinar 2021

We introduced the different subtypes of the MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships, their eligibility criteria, and presented the political aspects of the program and the support provided by KI Grants Office.


  • The new opening date of the 2021 Call is June 22, 2021
  • The new deadline is October 12, 2021.  

Please note that the dates in the webinar and ppt should be updated to the new opening date (22 June 2021) and new deadline (October 12, 2021). Therefore, the mobility eligibility should be counted according to the new deadline.  

Please check the deadline and mobility criteria directly in the Call text and documents published by the European Commission when the Call opens.

MSCA Postdoc Fellowships give you the opportunity to develop your career through a scientific project. You can do a postdoc either within Europe with a 2-year fellowship (European Fellowship), or outside Europe (2 years) with a mandatory 1-year return phase to Europe with the 3-year Global Fellowship.

Invited speakers were Sweden’s National Contact Point for MSCA, Isabel Dellacasa Lindberg from Vetenskapsrådet and KI Career Service’s Career Program Manager, Anethe Mansén.

The information webinar was held on Friday 21st May 10.00 – 11:30. 

You can access the webinar here, and the PPT here please do not distribute as the information is aimed at KI employees and KI associated researchers, as well as researchers who plan to apply with KI as host organization, thus intended for internal use only. The information in the webinar is preliminary and subject to change after the call opens.You may need VPN to access the webinar.

MSCA Postdoc Fellowships 2021 is the first Call for postdoc fellowships within Horizon Europe, the 9th Framework Program of the EU Commission. It was previously called "Individual Fellowships" in Horizon 2020, the previous Framework Program.