MSCA Postdocs Bootcamp 2023

The MSCA Postdoc Bootcamp is an on-site workshop offered to applicants who apply with KI as Host Organization. In this workshop we break down detailed parts of the award criteria and also discuss how to set up your proposal with KI as your host. Both fellows who apply themselves or PIs recruiting a fellow can attend the Bootcamp.

Bootcamp 2023

The Bootcamp is structured so that Session 1 (one whole day) provides you with a basic structure how to build up your proposal, you then write the proposal during the summer and attend the rest of the sessions after the summer to add and polish details. We strongly recommend that you attend all sessions of the Bootcamp.  

Invited speakers are Nikolaos Volakakis, KI Compliance and Data Office for Open research data and Data Management Plan; Tamsin Lindström for Sex and Gender aspects in research; Kerstin Lundin and Charlotta Lindqvist KI Grants Office for Impact; Vladimir Pabon-Martinez, KI Career Service for Courses and Career events; as well as MSCA fellows to share their experience. 

To register for the Bootcamp see criteria and documents below. You must have found a PI at KI who has agreed to host you, get the KI Application Assurance signed by your PI, Head of Admin and Head of Department. Please take into consideration that it takes time for the administration to check operational and financial capacity of your PI and therefore at least several days to sign the KI Application Assurance form. You need to also have set up your application account EU application portal. See How to create a draft proposal and other info on MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships.

You may need VPN to access the documents if outside KI. If you are an incoming fellow to KI and cannot access the internal documents, email me. 

Are you eligible?

Before applying or registering for the Bootcamp, make sure you are eligible according to MSCA's criteria in the 2023 Guide for Applicants from the Call after it opens as well as updates. You and your PI are responsible for making sure that you are eligible. You application is checked for eligibility as the first step during evaluation, and if found ineligible by the European Commission, your proposal will not be sent out for review. 

For questions contact Ying Zhao.  

Bootcamp dates for 2023  

All sessions are on-site (IRL). If you want to attend but are not yet in Sweden, contact Lunch is included for Session 1 and coffee for the afternoon sessions, therefore state your food allergies/preferences when registering for the Bootcamp. 

  • Session 1: Thursday June 15th, 10:00-16:30, lunch included. Setting up the proposal according to the award criteria.

The dates and contents below are preliminary.

  • Session 2: Wed 9 Aug, 13:00-16:30. Structure, EXCELLENCE.
  • Session 3:Fri 11 Aug, 13:00-16:30 EXCELLENCE & IMPLEMENTATION
  • Session 4: Mon 14 Aug, 13:00-16:30 IMPACT 
  • Session 5: Wed 16 Aug, 13:00-16:30. IMPLEMENTATION cont'd & Discussion with MSCA fellows.
  • Session 6: Fri 18 Aug, 13:00-16:30  CV, Ethics, Tips on writing.General discussion.
  • Session 7: Fri 25 Aug, 13:00-14:00 Courses at KI.  

If you have missed session 1 you can still join the remaining sessions. To join the remaining sessions, send the signed KI assurance form to ying.zhao on August 4th at the latest. 

The outline is not required to join the remaining sessions.


Register for the Bootcamp - European Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • KI Application Assurance filled in; signed by PI, Head of Deapartment and Head of Administration.
  • Outline filled in. Link below. 
  • Email both documents to Ying Zhao to register for the Bootcamp. 

Register for the Bootcamp - Global Postdoctoral Fellowship

  1. KI Application Assurance filled in; signed by PI, Head of Deapartment and Head of Administration
  2. Signed Letter(s) of commitment from associated partners (your Outgoing Phase Organisation), confirming their precise role and active participation in the proposal. See the criteria and example in the proposal Template, downloaded from your application account.
  3. Outline filled in. Link below. 

For Global Fellowships, contact your supervisor and research support office at Outgoing Phase organisation in good time for administrative details and also for the Letter of Commitment. Note that for Global Fellowships you have a contractual obligation to return to KI for your Return Phase.

Email all three documents to Ying Zhao

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