Mass spectrometry facility

The ANA Futura Mass Spectrometry Facility provides analytical support for biological and biomedical research within Karolinska Institutet.

Photo of equipment in the Masspectrometry facility in ANA Futura
Equipment in the Masspectrometry facility in ANA Futura Photo: Christina Sundqvist

The facility provides a highly comprehensive support structure for research, supplying everything from advice on experimental design to highly supported and robust sample preparation protocols, professionally maintained equipment, as well as support and training for data analysis and interpretation.

We can develop targeted and untargeted LCMS methods for small or large molecules, to provide you with the analysis support you require - from compound identification and rapid relative quantification to fully validated absolute quantification assays. Plans are to implement ISO certification.



Waters ACQUITY UPLC and XEVO TQ-XS and TQ-MS tandem quadrupoles:

Fast, accurate, and sensitive targeted quantification of small and large molecules using state of the art equipment. Reliable and reproducible results with electrospray or UniSpray probes.

Quantification is done with TargetLynx software, that also allows for standard addition, where needed.


Waters Acquity UPLC and XEVO G2-S QTOF-MS:

Fast high-efficiency liquid chromatography in combination with high resolution MS. Good for identification by MS and MS/MS as well as sensitive quantification of small and large molecules. Current standard applications: accurate mass determination, purity by LC/MS, determination of isotopic labelling. We also provide relative quantification with statistical analysis using the Progenesis QI software. For specific applications contact the managing director.



MassLynx is the instrument control and data acquisition software suite and acquires nominal mass, accurate mass, MS/MS and accurate mass MS/MS data. Its ease of use and complete instrument control features enables the analyst to quickly set up and run analyses.

Link to Waters MassLynx information:


TargetLynx is a simple, and efficient quantification software for fast multi-component analyses and works well for processing of both small and large sample batches.

Link to Waters TargetLynx web page:

Progenesis QI

Progenesis QI is small-molecule discovery analysis software for your LC-MS data; a revolutionary ‘difference engine’ that works in a unique way to help you to answer your biological question.

Obtain reliable and definitive IDs for the compounds in your samples

  • The built-in Metascope search engine enables ID of compounds using up to 5 different criteria including mass, RT, and fragmentation spectra. Metascope can be used with many publicly available and in-house databases.
  • It is also possible to create and compile your own mass, RT or fragment spectra databases (for example, by running pure standards) for future validation of database hits.

Example refence paper:

Link to Nonlinear Progenesis QI web page:

Booking and fees

  • Open for external users?
  • User fee?
    The cost for the analyses are 300 SEK/sample for internal (KI/KUS) users, 400 SEK/sample for other academia, and 750 SEK/sample for industry customers.
  • Education mandatory before access to equipment?
    Yes. Process is not yet in place.

Responsible department

Department for Laboratory Medicine is responsible for the equipment.


ANA Futura, Alfred Nobels Allé 8, Flemingsberg, 8th floor


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