Laboratories & equipment in ANA Futura

We have a number of advanced and functional labs/equipment in ANA Futura. Access to these labs are granted by the activity responsible for each room.

Research infrastructure

  • ANA Futura BSL3 Core Facility
    There are three culture rooms for work with airborne pathogens. In addition to these rooms, there are rooms for flow cytometry/sorting, confocal laser scanning microscopy and cryostats (about 200 sq.m.).
  • Pre-GMP
    A laboratory for method development, upscaling and validation in GMP production. This will be located on Level 8.
  • X-ray
    A laboratory for irradiation of biological material for the entire Flemingsberg campus. This will be located on Level 3.
  • Mass spectrometry
    For identifying components or chemicals in biological samples. We have three mass spectrometers on Level 8.
  • Microscopy and imaging analysis facility
    For analysis of cells and tissues using microscopical techniques and image analysis. We have several different types of microscopes i.e. brightfield, fluorescent, confocal (BSL1 and BSL2) as well as automated microscopes. Additionally, we also have different image analysis softwares i.e. NIS-Elements and Imaris. 
  • 10X Genomics Chromium Controller
    Single-cell partitioner for downstream transcriptomics, epigenomics and genomics applications.
  • Isotope Lab
    For work with ionized radiation.
  • Systems Infection Biology
    Provides services for advanced bioinformatics analysis.
  • Histology
    For work with fresh frozen or paraffin embedded tissues.
  • Flow cytometry (FACS) and sorting
    For working with Hazard Group 2 classified microorganisms. We have three rooms for flow cytometry, and two rooms for sorting.

Functional labs/rooms

  • Gel electrophorese & documentation
  • Centrifuge rooms
  • Incubator/shakers
  • 37c room
  • Cold rooms
  • Human Tissue & Blood Labs
  • PCR-related labs
  • Plate reader rooms
  • DNA/RNA, protein extraction rooms
  • Chemical storage rooms
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