Recovery rooms in ANA Futura

Routines for using the recovery rooms the 7th and 8th floor.

Photo of recovery room in ANA Futura

Routines for now:

  • Two key cards are available in a locked cabinet in the reception on the 7th floor.
  • During office hours: the key cards are available via the service team. The recovery rooms are not accessable after office hours at the moment.
  • It is mandatory to check-in/check-out on the list in the cabinet.
  • We recommend that you only use the recovery room for an hour at the most, if you are still not feeling well after that hour you should go home.
  • Inform a colleague in which room you will go and rest (there are two rooms available, one on the 7th floor and one on the 8th floor). The colleague should check on you after an hour.
  • After office hours (evenings / weekends), the immediate manager is responsible for supervising his/her staff using a recovery room (if no colleague is available).
  • During office hours: When you are done using the room, leave the key card to the service team. After office hours: put the key card back in the locked cabinet and write the time of check-out on the note.

Meditation/prayer room

On the 5th floor there is a meditation/prayer room available. The room is open for all staff and students at KI. There is also a similar room available in Solna. 

To make sure that everyone feels welcome in these rooms, which are accessible to everyone at KI, please do not leave anything in the room when you are done.

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