Rules for renting and terminating premises in ANA Futura

If you want to rent labs or offices in ANA Futura or terminate the rental agreement, the following rules apply:

  • A 9-month notice period applies for department-specific premises.
  • When terminating the rental agreement for ANA Futura's common premises, changes will apply from the next calendar month.
    • ANA Futura's common premises can only be terminated by an entire department located within ANA Futura. Free space is classified as vacant.
  • Premises can be rented for a short period of at least 3 months. If the lease is extended and passes 9 months, it is considered as a long-term rental agreement with a 9-month notice period.
  • Department-specific premises cannot be partially terminated - only in their entirety.
  • Offices and office seats can be rented and terminated as follows (notice period of 9 months applies in all three alternatives):
    • whole office (all seats)
    • half office (with 2 rows of desks)
    • 1/3-part or 2/3-part office (for 3-row of desks in the office).
  • All rentals and terminations must be approved by the relevant manager/Departmental leadership.
  • All rentals and terminations should be submitted in writing to the ANA Futura Facility Manager.


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Questions & answers

Our department/division/unit/research group wants to terminate half of its common lab. Is that allowed?

Answer: Termination of parts of department-specific labs is not allowed. Termination of half a lab must be handled internally at the concerned department.

Our department/division/unit/research group wants to terminate half of their cell culture room. Is that allowed?

Answer: Termination of parts of institution-specific labs such as cell culture rooms is not permitted. Termination of half of the cell culture room must be handled internally at the concerned department.

What rules apply if a department wants to terminate its share of an ANA Futura common lab and which notice period applies?

Answer: ANA Futura's common premises can be terminated and changes will apply from the next calendar month. The terminated share of the ANA Futura common premises will be classified as vacant.

Our department/division/unit/research group wants to rent one office seat in a multi-person office. Is that allowed?

Answer: Rent of individual office seats is not allowed. Offices or office seats can only be rented and terminated as follows: full office, half office (for 2-row rows) or 1/3-part office (for 3-row rows in offices).

What notice period applies to offices if someone wants to rent the office prior to the notice period has expired for the previous tenant (e.g. department/division/unit/research group)?

Answer: Offices on a termination period can be rented by a new tenant before the end of the notice period if both parties agree to it. If the new tenant only wants to rent the office for a short time, the previous tenant is responsible for paying the remaining notice period when the short-term rental has ended.

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