Work Environment Committee ANA Futura

The Work Environment Committee coordinates issues related to the physical work environment at ANA Futura.

The ANA Futura Work Environment Committee consists of representatives of the Departments of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology (CLINTEC), Dental Medicine (DentMed), Laboratory Medicine (LabMed) and Medicine, Huddinge (MedH).  

Work environment Committees and health and safety representatives at each department can be found on their respective websites.  

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As part of ANA Futura’s joint operations, the Work Environment Committee is tasked with: 

  • coordinating incoming questions and cases from departmental work environment groups related to the physical work environment.
  • informing and training staff regarding the above mentioned work environment issues.  
  • onboarding all new employees with regard to the building and facilities.
  • initiating and implementing annual health and safety inspections.
  • following up departments’ handling of incidents and accidents.
  • proposing improvement measures for laboratory safety and security. 
  • participating in planning changes to premises, methods and processes. 

Procedure for dealing with work environment issues

  1. The first recourse for staff working at ANA Futura wishing to raise work environment issues is always their line manager or their departmental health and safety representative
  2. The manager may choose to refer the matter to the department’s health and safety representative so that it can be raised with the local work environment group.
  3. If the question relates to the physical work environment at ANA Futura, it should be referred to the Work Environment Committee.  

Psychosocial work environment

With regard to issues related to the psychosocial work environment, the line manager always bears delegated responsibility to decide how these should be dealt with.


Department of Laboratory Medicine

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Marjan Amiri

Chairman of the working environment committee ANA Futura
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Gustaf Ahlén

Project Manager

Department of Medicine, Huddinge

Silvia Zuniga Veliz

Laboratory Technician

Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology

Towe Jakobsson

Affiliated to Research;Laboratory Manager

Department of Dental Medicine

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