The FixIT team informs

Information about tools for storing and sharing files. FixIT recommends saving all your personal data in OneDrive.


OneDrive is a cloud service for storing and sharing folders and files. OneDrive is available to all employees and affiliated at KI. Employees and affiliates have 5 TB of storage available on their OneDrive. The maximum size of files that can be saved in OneDrive is 250 GB. 

OneDrive is a part of Office. Therefore, you probably already have it installed. You can download it from Log in with your KI ID.

Guide to sharing files and folders in OneDrive (Microsoft)

For Mac users

You need to be aware that these symbols are not allowed in the filename ~ ”# % & *: < >? / \ { | }. Leading and trailing spaces in file or folder names are also not allowed.

Central IT at KI

The central IT department at KI has published this information The information is mainly aimed for staff at the Departments whom has their IT support.

FixIT users will only be affected by the closing of KI Box and KI Cloud.

Multi factor authentication

Multi factor authentication will be used for the OneDrive service. This allows you to save sensitive data in your OneDrive folder. The application for this service is called Microsoft Authenticator. You probably already have it on your phone. Please look for this icon.

Screenshots for the configuration of multifactor authentication by app.

If the application is missing please follow this guide:

Please contact FixIT if you have further questions

You are always welcome to ask about this or any other IT related question.

Lilian Pagrot