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We meet each person based on their motivation, stage of change and the conditions of their everyday life.

For managers to order

Presentation: Introducing Health Promotion at KI

Are you planning an introductory day for new employees or a kick-off at your department? Invite us and we can tell you about what we offer.

Presentation: Everyday movement

As a manager you can book a presentation for your group about strategies and tips for getting movement into your workday.  

Practical session: Small group training 

As a work group you can book a small group training session with Health Promotion. The class will be 60 min. How to book. Use the contact form “health promotion services”. 

Workshop: Work-life balance

We all contribute in different ways to creating the everyday life we find ourselves in. In this workshop we highlight what we can do as individuals, e g to cope with stress and how can we help each other as a group. Together we will do exercises and reflect on our own situation and future, to hopefully discover and learn something new.

For employees to order

Introduction to campus gym

As an employee at KI you can book a spot with one of us from Health Promotion and get introduction to the gym. How to book. Use the contact form “health promotion services”. 

Health coaching 

Are you thinking about being more active? Are you starting to move more but having a hard time sticking with these changes? 

A health talk is a conversation about lifestyle habits related to physical activity and exercise. The conversation is based on your current situation, what support you need and what you can do yourself to achieve good health. The health talk may be a good start of the journey towards a more healthy and active lifestyle. 


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