Printing service and graphic design

KI has a ranked frame agreement for both printing and graphic design services. Within the framework of the agreement, you can order printing of products such as posters, flyers and brochures in different formats and get help with graphic design and layout in accordance with KI's graphic profile.


The agreement covers both printing services and graphic design services.

Items placed associated with graphic design on a white table; a lapltop, glasses, color chart, drawing pad.

Graphic design services

The agreement includes assistance with graphic design and layout services. You can request assistance with producing and designing for example flyers, leaflets, brochures and roll-ups, adapted to KI’s graphic rules.

Printing services

The agreement includes printing of existing material as well as printing of products produced by the supplier. You can request printing of for example posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures and roll-ups.

When sending a request

The agreement includes two suppliers. Send your order/request to the supplier listed as number 1. Arkitektkopia. If supplier number 1 declines the assignment or does not response in time, contact the supplier listed as number 2. Exakta. For the result to be as good as possible, always be as clear and specific as you can in your request.

Always specify the following in your requests:

  • Format (for example A5 vertical, poster 50x70 cm)
  • Number of pages
  • Number of copies
  • Any requests for type of paper
  • Contact information for invoice with marking (ZZ code)
  • Delivery information with delivery date, delivery address with recipient and recipient's phone number

Suppliers and contact

1. Arkitektkopia

Send your request to

Contact project manager

Helena Ilmander
08-506 070 76

Contact contract manager

Ola Salmela
08-506 070 26

2. Exakta

Send your request to

Contact project manager

Conny Norrman
040-694 24 40

Contact contract manager

Samir Schultz
040-680 89 89

Delivery and cost

Smaller assignments (such as ads and posters)

Smaller products are delivered within one week after receiving the order unless the parties agree otherwise.

Extensive assignments (such as brochures)

For more extensive assignments, the parties may agree on delivery time.

Estimated cost for digital printing, Arkitektkopia

These are just a few examples. For further cost information and for large orders of printed products, please contact the printing company with an inquiry.

  • Price for extra cost for express deliveries of digital printing within 48 hours: 650 SEK.

Estimated cost for graphic design and layout services, Arkitektkopia

  • 425 SEK per hour. For the layout services, the supplier may charge per hour started.
  • Cost for express delivery for layout services within 24 hours: 1200 SEK.

Business and compliment cards

Print business cards and compliment cards with KI’s logotype. You can also order business cards for a combined employment.

  • 300 g silk coated paper
  • Minimum volume 100 copies