A cohesive channel-independent typographical expression creates a unified image of KI when we communicate. KI uses a single and modern typeface, DM Sans, in both digital and analogue channels.

Example of how the typography can be used and will look like in various combinations.
Overall typography.

Typeface for branding

DM Sans Regular, Medium, Bold & Italic

DM Sans is used in both digital channels and in printed matters, for example in headings, body texts, captions, preambles, subheadings and buttons.

DM Sans is a Google font (i.e., license-free), thus easier to manage and in all channels. It is a modern and rather unique Sans Serif typeface with great potential to create distinction.

System typefaces

Arial och Times New Roman

If DM Sans is not available due to technical reasons or in contexts when KI communicates along with other brands such as Karolinska University Hospital or Region Sthlm, Arial and Times New Roman are to be used.


This implies that the current typefaces used for printed matter and ads, Mundo Sans and Minion Pro, are being phased out.

Use and hierarchies

Main headings (heading level 1) use Medium, subheadings use Bold (heading level 2 & 3) and Italic (heading level 4). Preambles and body text use Regular. Italic is also used in body text to distinguish and highlight specific content. Heading levels 1 and 2 are set with setting optical kerning as well as pinching -15, making the text less sparse.

DM Sans is used in both digital channels and printed matter in for example headers, body texts, preambles, captions, subheadings and buttons
How to use the typeface DM Sans at various levels and contexts.
Example of use and hierarchies of DM Sans.
Example of how to use the typeface DM Sans.

Text format

Just as important as the choice of font is how the text is formatted: text size, line spacing, width of lines, bulleted lists, length of paragraphs, text alignment (centered texts should be avoided), color contrasts, underlining (should be avoided), italic longer text (should be avoided).


Typography is set solely in the colours black, dark plum and white and against colour backgrounds where the contrast requirements are met.

Examples of combinations of colour and text
The circles with letters show possible colour and text combinations that meet the accessibility requirements.

The DM Sans typeface is available in all KI’s Office 365 templates and has been automatically installed on all computers within Coordinated IT. It is also available for manual installation through the Software Center.

Please contact Helpdesk (if you have Coordinated IT) or your department’s own IT support (if you are outside Coordinated IT) if you have problems accessing the typeface.