Recorded seminars and presentations about impact

Seminar “Incorporate impact into your research”

This seminar was held in November 2021 for KI researchers, teachers, KI staff and students.

Topics covered during the seminar:

  • Impact definition and examples of pathways from research to impact 
  • How researchers can identify and drive impact
  • What do funders actually mean when they ask for impact in their grant applications
  • What does impact mean within an innovation context

Take home messages: 

  • Incorporate plans for utilisation and impact of your research starting from the initial steps of you research process and keep track of your knowledge assets.
  • From a Forte-perspective, there is a trend towards increased demand for societal impact. 
  • It’s not useful unless it’s used. 


Presentation 1: Incorporating impact into your current research process, and when planning for future projects

Speaker: Sophia Savage, External Engagement Office

  • Addresses the importance of thinking ahead
  • Provides advice
  • Introduces the concept intellectual asset management (IAM)
  • Introduces the tool Pathway to impact - see KI version Pathways to impact canvas

Contact for information and/or advice:

Presentation 2: Funders perspectives on impact

Speaker: Staffan Arvidsson, FORTE

This presentation gives insight into the research councils expectations when funding basic as well as needs-driven research.

Presentation 3: Impact through innovation

Speaker: Anna Forsberg, KI Innovations

  • Provides definitions, some historic perspectives and examples of innovations
  • Gives insights to the readiness levels and KI innovations support for KI researchers and entrepreneurs on the journey from research to impact

KI researchers talk about the Knowledge Management Platform

In a collaboration project, 16 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) shared methods and lessons learned from testing the Knowledge Management Platform, a model that develops organisational and operational capabilities and processes to enable, support and manage the utilisation of research at HEIs for societal benefit. An extensive toolbox and additional cases are available (in Swedish) at  

Anna Falk, Professor, and Ida Goliath, Associate Professor, participated and tested the methods. They share some experience and their thoughts regarding the importance of identifying, protecting, utilising and disseminating knowledge assets.

Presentation 1: About knowledge assets

Speaker: Anna Falk, Professor, talks about identifying, protecting, and utilising knowledge assets from a researcher's perspective.

Presentation 2: Impact - researcher’s perspective

Speaker: Ida Goliath, Associate Professor, talks about utilisation and how she has worked to identify, protect and disseminate research-based knowledge assets. 

2nd KI Conference on Sustainable Development

The 2nd KI Conference on Sustainable Development held 17th November 2021.  

Hanna Karlsson, Docent toxicology, KI and Agneta Richter-Dahlfors, Professor KI, chaired a round-table discussion on how to translate the basic research towards use in society, which started with short presentations from the panel:

  • Professor Susanne Guidetti gave an interesting example on an intervention study using mobile phones in the rehabilitation of stroke patients in Uganda.
  • Professor Staffan Holmin gave two examples of the development of novel tools; for endovascular techniques and photon-counting CT and further discussed the need to improve implementation. 
  • Professor Ulrica Edlund highlighted that solving one SDG can affect many other goals and furthermore discussed challenges in the transition to more sustainable materials.

Presentation: Technical solutions for health problems