Pivot-RP KIs new database for global funding opportunities

KI has a new research database and invites you to start using Pivot-RP to find global funding opportunities.

Website & login

  1. Go to the website: Pivot-RP 
  2. Sign in using your Pivot-RP account or create an account without using KI-ID. 
    (In the future when KI is visible in the list of universities you can then login using KI-ID)

Video instructions

We recommend you to watch Video Introductions

What funding sources are listed in the database?

  • External funding: we recommend you to use the database to find Swedish, Nordic, EU, US and other international research sponsors
  • Internal KI funding (KID grants, foundations & funds and other funding that requires KI administration) may not always show up in the database, but can be found on our web page
  • Newsletter: Sign up here for Grants Office newsletter to get updates on current calls, news, workshops and other training

Funding database allows researchers to:

  • Find global funding opportunities
  • Save the search criteria, add notes, and share information with colleagues
  • Create e-mail notifications to receive customized updates
  • Search for Awarded Grants
  • Individualized profile page
  • Read the latest news about research policy and politics