Salary review 2022 (info for employees)

During the autumn 2022 KI will conduct a salary review. Employees covered by the salary review will have a performance management dialog 2, the dialog is mandatory.

The salary review is regulated by three central collective agreements between Swedish Agency for Government Employers and each trade union, Saco-S, OFR/S,P,O and Seko.

The new salary will be valid from first of October 2022 even if it is decided and paid out later.


The dialogs will take place during October - November. Each departments decides exact dates.

Digital information

Learn more about how the salary revision works in this digital training.

Performance management dialog 2

Salary as a management instrument (KI:s wage policy) contains, besides information and salary criteria`s, templates for performance management dialog 2. Salary statistics will be published below before the salary review.

If you want more information about Performance management dialog 2 you can find information on the page Salary setting at KI.

Payment of salary

The new salary will be paid out when the salary is decided for all members of Saco-S or unorganized members at the department. Any members of Saco-S that disagrees will be negotiated separately and the new salary will be paid out when the negotiation for all disagreeing members is negotiated.

For members in OFR/S,P,O or Seko the new salary will be paid out when the negotiation is closed for all members in the union at KI.

Date for the new salary for the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

The date will be published later this fall.

Salary review for doctoral students

The Doctoral student ladder will be updates in connection with the salary review. More information will be published when the agreement is negotiated later this fall.

Jenny Wärnlund

UF Central Administration

Carolina Ström

UF Central Administration

Åsa Agréus

UF Central Administration