Seminars for doctoral supervisors

The role of doctoral supervisor involves exchanging experiences with colleagues. The thematic seminars provide KI supervisors with a forum for competence development and regular opportunities to meet colleagues in a similar situation.

These seminars allow participants to discuss matters and exchange experiences relating to their supervisory role and to keep themselves updated on the latest news connected to doctoral education. The seminar programme varies; sometimes we invite speakers to share their own experiences as supervisors, or experts to hold talks on particular issues. The aims are to help participants understand their own position as supervisors and to inspire and encourage them to find their own ways of dealing with the challenges that the role brings.

Seminars spring 2022

March 9 - ELN

Welcome to lunch seminar ELN.

Lecturer: Nikolaos Volakakis, Research documentation, UF, KI.

Welcome to an ELN workshop where the ELN coordinator will go through:

  • the structure of the ELN
  • examples of what you can save in ELN
  • account management
  • technical requirements
  • project administration
  • practical demonstration of all the system's functions: create documents, upload content, sign documents, etc.

(the seminar will be held in English)

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May 17 - Grants office - at Zoom

Welcome to a lunch seminar with information about Grants Office and tips on grant writing.

This seminar will cover how to find the right call, the planning process, structuring and writing an application, and also some general advice.

The host will be Ying Zhao, PhD, Research Support Office at KI

The seminar will be held in English digitally at Zoom.

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Seminars autumn 2022

October 12th

Welcome to lunch seminar.

Lecturer: Professor Therese Stenfors, UoL, KI.

A dialogue about the application process and path to docentur at KI. Please prepare for this seminar by reading the current rules for docentur, and instructions for these, which can be found here Docent | Medarbetare (

We will have a dialogue about the content, interpretation and application of current rules. We will also discuss practical, formal and other aspects on the road to become docent at KI.

(the seminar will be held in English)

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23 november

Welcome to lunch seminar. More information will be communicated later this spring.

(the seminar will be held in English)

Registration for the seminar will open later.

Elisabet Lindgren

Education officer
Team Learn Tech
C7 Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics