The Dissertation Committee

The Dissertation Committee is appointed by the Committee for Doctoral Education to oversee compliance with the examination rules and to ensure the highest possible quality of theses published by Karolinska Institutet.

Dissertation Committee has meetings both in Solna and in Huddinge.


Dissertation Committee Members


Lena Palmberg

Mattias Svensson

Other members

Susanna Brighenti

Dagmar Galter

Cecilia Götherström

Karin Loré

Per-Arne Lönnqvist

André Stark

Cilla Söderhäll

Eva Wikström-Jonsson

Charlotte Ytterberg

Agneta Åkesson

Student representatives

Suchita Desai



The Dissertation Committee

Questions about the public defence application

Gunilla Hovén Malinowski

Administrative officer in the Dissertation Committee

Ruket Negasi

Administrative officer in the Dissertation Committee