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Time to defend your thesis

To those who want to nail their thesis at Solna Campus!

The library at Solna Campus will be renovated and will therefore be closed. Instead, a pop-up library will open at Retzius väg 13B (Floor 3)

The opening hours will be 8.30-10.00 and 11.30-13.00. During the pop-up library opening hours you are free to come any time with your "may-be-nailed" ("må-sikas") copy and the three mandatory copies and pick up the nail and string. You then have to go to the nailing board at Berzelius väg 3 on ground floor and nail the thesis.

After the pop up library are closed you have to schedule an appointment with the library staff.

If the time slot is already booked you can´t make a new booking you then just have to come to the nailing board.

You will get a confirmation of your booking to your KI-mail. When the time comes for your booking, you go to the nail board (spikbräda) on the ground floor of the Berzelius Laboratory, Berzelius väg 3, Solna. Bring your "may-be-nailed" ("må-sikas") copy and the three mandatory copies with you. KIB staff will help to you complete the nailing process.

The library in Flemingsberg is open as usual. Here you can nail your thesis at any time during regular opening hours.

Sofie Petersson