Health ambassadors

The health ambassadors at KI play an important role in KI:s vision about employeeship. As initiators of a health promotion efforts within working groups, the ambassadors contribute to creating a healthy and collaborative working environment.

What does a Health Ambassador do?

The mission of the Health Ambassador includes:

  • act as a link between your department and the Health Promotion
  • attending our team meetings, 4-6 times/year
  • guiding employees through the health promotion benefits and keeping up to date on our website
  • be familiar with the focus areas of health promotion
  • understanding the link in the chain of contributing to a health-promoting workplace as part of the systematic work environment management at KI
  • find different channels of communication between the health promotion and your unit/department
  • encourage regular movement and active breaks at meetings and training days
  • initiate health promotion activities in the unit/department according to prevailing conditions

The mission of the Healthy Promotion team includes:

  • recruit health ambassadors 
  • act as a support in the health promotion work at group level for the health ambassador
  • organising training/workshops about physical activity and mental wellbeing
  • organising network meetings

Do you want to become a Health Ambassador at the KI?

A first step is to take our online course. The course is for those who want to get involved in health promotion work at KI, how we link health promotion to sustainable development and what support we can provide at organisational, group and individual level. The course is for employees and is ongoing. It can start at any time. It is online and entirely self-study. NB: the course is in Swedish!

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Elisabeth Svanfeldt

Health Promotion Specialist

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  • K1.Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery
  • OF.Department of Dental Medicine
  • OV.University Dental Clinic
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