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These are our classes!


MovNat inspired Class 

Move and get strong by natural movements. Dynamic practical movements such as balancing, hanging, squatting, jumping, crawling and lifting. Each class will have a warm up, skill training and combo with different movement that will be done circuit for time.  

Dance Workout Class

Boost your mood and heart with this fun dance workout class. Suitable for all levels. This class consists of simple choreography in a series of aerobic dance moves to get your body going.  Our classes offer a relaxed environment where you can learn some new moves and have fun!

Functional yoga 

This yoga class will focus on basic postures and techniques. You will practice balance, range of movement (ROM), strength and coordination as well as body and breath awareness.  

Vinyasa Flow 

Vinyasa yoga is a fast paced and free flow yoga session. Each class will focus on a specific body area to train our strength and flexibility (or both!) but expect to workout your whole body.  

Step up 

Step up aerobics class using a step box to introduce another dimension in your aerobics! Choreography to music, 25-30 minutes of aerobic exercise followed by 5 min rubber band upper body training and 5 min core, finishing with some stretching. Fun and suitable for all levels. 

Circuit workout 

Circuit training class with functional bodyweight exercises. Station-based interval full body workout. An excellent way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength endurance. 

Learn weightlifting 

Come and learn the fundamental movements and principles of weight training! Technique, mobility, coordination, power, strength. Get stronger by practicing basic exercises using mainly a barbell along with complementary equipment. 

On-site Bookable 

Our coaches are available if you have any questions about exercises or want personal training. The coaches will be more than happy to help you with your training. 

Contemporary dance 

The goal of the class is to develop the ability to use dance as a form of physical training and mindful practice in combination with music. Each class will include a stretching sequence as well as a short choreography. The movements come from different genres such as jazz, ballet, modern and floor work. 

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