10X Genomics Chromium Controller

Single-cell partitioner for downstream transcriptomics, epigenomics and genomics applications

This equipment, which is located at ANA Futura, is not a core facility but is owned and shared between four partners:

  • Department of Medicine Huddinge (MedH)
  • Department of Laboratory Medicine (LabMed)
  • Fredrik Lanner laboratory
  • Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA) core facility (BioNut) (see below for more information)

Members of these partners have free access to the facility. If you are not a member of these partners, you may get access to the instrument as a service provided by BEA, alternatively a collaboration with one of the other partners.

Training and access

Access to the room requires an introduction to the room and the instrument by one of the contact persons for each partner, se below:

Contacts MedH

Iva Filipovic

Postdoctoral researcher

Contact LabMed

Contact BEA

After the introduction, perform the ANA Futura lab safety test online

Fill out the Card Access Form and send it to jenny.mjosberg@ki.se, along with the signed and scanned safety routines form (if you are not a ANAFutura staff, also attach the signed ANAFutura introduction), with CC to your contact person.

Once allowed access into the room, access will also be given to the online booking system. Ask your contact person for this.

Note that the introduction only concerns the instrument and the work in the room. Training for pre- and post-processing needed for specific assays is not provided, but has to be acquired elsewhere or in collaboration with experienced users.

Core facility Service

The 10x Genomics Chromium platform is also an option at the BEA Core Facility. BEA offers full service from the initial cell separation and barcoding step. BEA will help users to design experiments, provide reagents and service, perform sequencing and bioinformatics.

Please contact Fredrik Fagerström Billai for further information about the service: