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BASE - Campus Flemingsberg

Base is a gym for students and employees at KI, located at Campus Flemingsberg. We offer free training hours as well as a variety of classes during the week.

BASE is located at Alfred Nobels allé 23. It´s free of charge and you will get access via your KI-card. We offer open gym hours as well as a weekly schedule in e g dance, yoga, strength training and movement.

      About Base

      What´s in Base

      What´s in Base

      Locker rooms

      Lots of space for functional training and free weight training

      Lifting platforms

      Cardio zone with rowing machines, speed fit treadmills, assault air bikes and indoor walkers

      Table tennis area

      Getting started

      Come by and do your own workout routine. Before you arrive, check our scheduled classes to ensure that the room/equipment is available.

      Book a guided tour/short introduction.

      Book one of our classes. Our classes are based on learning - you will eventually build up knowledge so that you can practice on your own.

      Working groups may book a special introductory session. For further questions, please contact

      Opening hours

      Mon-Fri 6.30 am-8 pm

      Sat 10 am-5 pm

      Bridge days 6.30 am-5 pm

      Sundays & Public holiday: closed

      Free training during opening hours. Scheduled classes have precedence over space and equipment.

      Regular opening hours during June, July and August. Classes start September 2.


      Lockers are available for day use only.  Please do not leave any personal belongings in the lockers overnight. Items found will be kept for two weeks before being moved to the lost & found-bin at the entrance. Health Promotion Unit are not responsible for any personal belongings.

      Find us


      The Mobile Gym

      Borrow our mobile gym during 6 weeks to encourage each other to take breaks from sitting during the workday. Do it often and regularly. Would you like to sign up for the mobile gym, please contact

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