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BOX - Campus Solna

Box is the new campus gym in Solna for KI students and employees. We offer a variety of weekly classes and activities.

What is in Box?

What is in Box?

Space & equipment for functional training

Lifting area with weight lifting platforms

Cardio area with rowing machines, curved treadmills, air bikes, bikes and cross trainers

Ball court/gymnastic hall - bookable time slots for ball games

Weekly classes - view schedule & book online

Sauna & Showers

Key card lockers (use KI-card)


Employees and students should have access to the gym. If the card is not working, please send a mail to (state your name and the 6 last digits on your KI-card).

If you have a SLL-card you will have to register your card at Biomedicum.

If you don´t have a valid KI-card, you will have to ask your HR about an employment certificate, sign the form "Certificate for a badge" and bring it to the information desk at Aula Medica, to get a separate access card.


Book Play area

Booking of Play ball court

Booking of Play ball court

How to book

Log in on Gymsystem

Under schedule go to bookable time slot in PLAY

Choose a time slot

Rules for booking Play

Cancel you booking at least 24 hours in advance.

Respect the time of other and finish in time.

Put equipment back after you are done with the activity.

No football allowed

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