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Career Focus Group


The Career Focus Group works to improve the recruitment procedure, career paths and career possibilities for Junior Faculty at KI.


  • We believe KI needs a clear and predictable career path at all levels
  • The recruitment of Junior Faculty should be transparent and based on external review
  • There should be a possibility for promotion to the next career stage, achieved after stringent peer-review
  • Junior Faculty at KI should have the opportunity to develop an independent line of research through targeted funding, mentoring and support directed towards this stage of the career

Planned and past activities

Each year we organize an open hearing about the KI career positions, in 2017 it took place March 6th. We are organizing a half-day symposium “How are promotion and recruitment decisions taken at KI?”, planned for late autumn 2017.

"On the 30/11 the Career Focus group organized a half-day seminar on how career decisions are made at KI (link to the flyer). Present were representatives from the KI Board of Recruitment (Professor Birgitta Henriques Normark), various KI Departments (Professor Sten Linnarsson and Ass.Prof. Emma Andersson), all seven strategic research areas at KI (SFOs), as well as the KI Docent Committee (Professor Jan Ygge). The seminar was well attended and ended with a mixer were speakers and audience could mingle. Slides from the seminar are available here

On the 13th of October Career group organized a well-attended information seminar about the new Biträdande Lektor rules. Present were also representatives of central HR at KI who helped to answer questions. JF is continuing to work on these questions and will be posting new information on our web page so stay tuned.


SvD debatt: Unga svenska forskare ser hinder för sin forskning

Read more about the new Biträdande Lektor position at KI


JF at KI’s Proposal for tenure-track system at Karolinska Institutet from 2015: read it here

The new Biträdande Lektor position: download it here

Slides from the seminar "how career decisions are made at KI" are available here

Contact the Focus Group coordinator

Karin Sundström

Project coordinator