Equity Focus Group


The aim of the Equity Focus Group is to improve and highlight unequal situations for all individuals in academia at Karolinska Institutet.


Our goals will be achieved by striving for greater transparency in academia, highlighting scientific role models from all avenues of science, pursuing a mentorship program for junior and established researchers, encouraging the employment of a qualified equality researcher, and educating and informing researchers and research leaders on discrimination, issues and solutions.

Ongoing/planned activities

  • Establishment of the Junior Faculty Mentorship Program at Karolinska Institutet
  • Equality integration of other JF Focus groups
  • Investigation of KI recruitment procedures/results for biträdande lektor positions
  • Organization of symposium on implicit bias regarding gender in academia
  • Analyses of survey sent to all KI Junior Faculty members

Contact the Focus Group coordinators

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Lina Marcela Diaz-Gallo

Research Specialist
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Alexandra Wennberg

Postdoctoral Researcher