KID funding is a block grant for partial financing of doctoral education at KI and is intended to cover the doctoral student’s salary. The annual standard amount is equivalent to approximately 50% of the costs of a doctoral student’s salary for a period of four years.

The purpose of KID is to use KI’s faculty funds to support doctoral education of the highest international standards and in that way support promising doctoral projects by providing long-term financing. KID funds are allocated based on quality with the intention of promoting good supervision, a good doctoral research environment and excellence in research. By setting certain conditions for receiving KID funding, the Committee of Doctoral Education has also used KID funding strategically in order to implement changes and create acceptance of quality-enhancing reforms

Since 2005, with the exception of 2017, Karolinska Institutet has announced between 60 and 116 KID grants each year. KID funding is applied for by the future main supervisor.

KID calls for funding are generally announced once a year.

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Paulina Mihailova