Research internship ("Forskar-AT") steering group

The research internship (in Swedish Forskar-AT) steering group is a cooperation body containing representatives of Karolinska Institutet (KI), whose Committee of Doctoral Education and Committe of Research finance the research component via faculty funds, and Region Stockholm, which finances the clinical internship component.

The steering group meets at least once at the start of the spring semester and once at the start of the autumn semester, at which times it considers strategic issues and experiences from previous calls, schedules the current semester’s call and plans the next.

Steering group:

Michael Fored, Chair of the steering group, KI

Niklas Björkström, KI

Lotta Renström-Koskela, Karolinska University Hospital

Filip Farnebo, Karolinska University Hospital

Erik Näslund, Danderyd Hospital

Per Svensson, Söder Hospital

Anna Norhammar, Capio S:t Göran

Cecilia Magnusson (representative from Stockholm Health Care Services)

NN, student representative (apointed by Medicinska Föreningen)


Co-opted members

Kristina Rydlund, AT-chef, South Hospital

Lotta Renström-Koskela, AT-chef, Karolinska University Hospital

Louise Hagander, studierektor för AT, Danderyd Hospital

Katarina Hallén Grufman, AT-chef, Capio S:t Göran


Administrative officers:

Kia Olsson, KI

Susanne Rodehav, Region Stockholm

Content reviewer:
Kia Olsson