Disbursement of research internship ("Forskar-AT") funds

A research internship (in Swedish forskar-AT) provides financial support for a period of research during a clinical internship. The research period is financed by the Committee for Doctoral Education.

Salaries during the research period at KI are paid by the department in which the research is taking place. The department is then reimbursed with a flat-rate sum (one sum for doctoral students and another for PhDs).

Disbursement regarding approved funds

The departments do not request the funds. The disbursement is handled by KI centrally. Funds are granted for the corresponding 12 months. For the current year's researcher-AT grants, funds are paid from KI centrally to relevant institutions as a one-off payment the nextcoming year. Prior to the new year's payment, the standard amount is reviewed and the amount is adjusted if major changes. Funds received must be repaid if someone should cancel their research AT and not use the full amount.

Faculty funds intended for financing doctoral students must be used for salary. If a doctoral student granted a research internship (forskar-AT) also has been granted other faculty funds (for example CSTP) and the total funds paid out amount to more than the actual salary costs of the doctoral student, the surplus funds must be paid back.

Information about research internships to the departments (HR) at KI


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