ISP-system: obligatory attachments

The following documents must be uploaded by the doctoral student or principal supervisor to the ISP-system in section 'Documents'.

1. Obligatory attachments

  • Research plan
  • Financial plan (with attachments, if any)
  • Copy of ethical permits
  • Specific documents linked to a double degree collaborations
  • The original approved ISP on paper - for doctoral students who transfer the content of their ISP to the ISP-system at the time of their next annual follow-up or half-time review.

2. Additional attachments

During annual follow-up:

  • PDFs of published papers
  • Manuscript and possible approval of accepted manuscripts
  • New ethical permits, if applicable
  • Updated research plan, if applicable
  • Updated financial plan, if applicable

During half-time review:

  • Half-time summary
  • Copy of half-time protocol (form 5)

Change of supervisors:

Change of department:

  • The most recently established ISP before the change
Arkivmapp i dator

File name

Name the file according to the format: the name of the document and date. You can also edit the name after you uploaded the document.
For example: Research plan_210401.

Size limit

The size limit for attachments is approximately 20 MB. Adobe Acrobat can be used to reduce the size of large PDF files. Choose File => Save As Other => Optimized PDF.

Content reviewer: