Education in purchasing and procurement

The Purchase and Procurement Unit offers regular educations for KI´s staff. On occations when at least 10 participants have signed up for an education, it is also possible book an education for you own institute och unit.

Our education

The Purchase and Procurement Unit regularly offers a number of different training packages within the procurement area.
In addition to the training packages listed below, Purchasing and Procurement offers training specially adapted to specific training needs.

Education about e-handel


Watch videos about e-beställning on KI Play

Basic education in procurement

Here you will learn about procurement in a wider context, the basics of the procurement regulations and what the purchasing process looks like at KI.

  • Presentation of KI's purchasing and procurement unit
  • The Public Procurement Act, LOU
  • EU Directives
  • Procurement processes
  • Framework agreements
  • Direct award
  • KI's agreement catalog
  • Case

Request for education, please contact

Hanna Glad

Legal counsel