Education in purchasing and procurement

The Purchase and Procurement Unit offers regular educations for KI´s staff. On occations when at least 10 participants have signed up for an education, it is also possible book an education for you own institute och unit.

Our education

The Purchase and Procurement Unit regularly offers a number of different training packages within the procurement area.
In addition to the training packages listed below, Purchasing and Procurement offers training specially adapted to specific training needs.

Education about e-handel


Watch videos about e-beställning on KI Play

Basic education in procurement

You are invited to participate in a basic education in procurement that is suitable for those of you who have no or little knowledge of purchasing and public procurement. For two and a half hours, we go through basic information about purchasing and procurement at KI and discuss several practical cases. The education will give you knowledge of why we need to apply the Public Procurement Act (LOU) and how it works in practice at KI. The education is free of charge and is aimed at you who are employed at KI. Welcome!


  • 21th February 2023 at 9.00-11.30 (in Swedish). Please register here.
  • 28th February 2023 at 9.00-11.30 (in English). Please register here.

The education is delivered digitally. A link to the education is sent out one week before the session.


  • Purchase and Public Procurement department at KI
  • Public Procurement Act / Lagen om offentlig upphandling (LOU)
    • Fundamental principles of the EU directive
    • Procurement processes
    • Procurement documents
    • Framework agreements
  • Purchasing rules/routines at KI
    • KI's contract catalogue
    • Advice/support
    • Distribution of responsibilities
  • What can go wrong
  • Case och discussion

Request for education, please contact

Hanna Glad

Legal counsel
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