Procurement for suppliers

KI is a government agency that must adhere to the Public Procurement Act (LOU), which, among other things, means that public purchases must be advertised publicly. KI advertises its procurements on Mercell TendSign.

Information for suppliers about KI and procurement 

KI is a government authority that must comply with the Public Procurement Act (LOU). This essentially means that a supplier who is interested in supplying services or products to the authority must compete for a contract on the same terms as other suppliers. KI therefore advertises its public procurements on a public platform.

Public purchases must be made according to the Public Procurement Act (LOU). 

KI is a government agency that must adhere to the Public Procurement Act (LOU). Essentially, this means that a supplier interested in providing services or products to the agency must compete for a contract on equal terms with other suppliers. Therefore, KI advertises its public procurements publicly.

Announcement of tenders

KI uses the procurement platform Mercell TendSign for advertising procurements. Bids can only be submitted electronically via TendSign, unless otherwise specified in the procurement documents. KI encourages all bidders to familiarize themselves with TendSign and to prepare their bids well in advance of the deadline.

Supplier meetings and sales meetings - no thank you 

The Purchasing and Procurement Unit (IU) is responsible for the administrative procurement process. IU is not responsible for investigating KI's needs in substance (regarding the need for products or services), as this is done by the actual operations (researchers, teachers, etc. who are employed at KI). Therefore, IU only participates in supplier dialogue and supplier meetings in connection with an ongoing procurement to ensure that the procurement process is carried out in accordance with the procurement regulations.


If you have questions about public procurement please contact the Purchase and Procurement Unit.