Question bank for course evaluation

In addition to the five mandatory KI's general questions and the mandatory open question, the program director may add additional questions at the program level, and the course leader may add questions at the course level. Ready questions can be selected from the question bank available here.

Adding questions from the question bank, enables further investigation of students' prespective, on the quality of the course in target areas.

Note that the course evaluation questionnaire should not contain more than 20 questions.

Download the question bank in Swedish

KI question bank - Swedish version

The question bank is a dynamic document, updated continuously and in the process of being translated to English. Currently, the available Swedish version, is divided into ten target areas, which in turn are divided into several aspects.

Selecting questions

When selecting questions, keep in mind:

  • To measure students' experience of a target area, questions from each aspect within the target, area must be selected. For example, if you want to investigate the relevance of the course (target area 1), at least one question must be included from aspects 1a-1d.
  • To measure students' experience of an aspect, at least three questions within the specific aspect should be selected. For example, if you want to measure whether "students develop professional competence and the education is useful for the students' future professional role", you select at least three questions from aspect 1a.
  • To measure a specific element of students' experience, only one question may suffice. For example, if you want to measure students' perceptions of information about the course web, you can take question number 2 from aspect c in target area 6: "Relevant course information was available on the course web".
  • Questions marked "R" mean that the value of the rating scale is reversed compared to other questions and therefore must be reversed in a statistical analysis.
  • Questions marked "VFU / VIL" are questions that particularly concern work-based education and activity-integrated learning.
  • Questions that are formulated "The teacher/ supervisor" may be reformulated for better readability if the course only has teachers or supervisors.
KI Survey Export ID.

Export ID for questions on KI-Survey

When adding questions from the question bank on KI-Survey, kindly fill in "Export ID" located under question settings. To form the ID code, combine 'f', target area number, aspect label and question number.

Example: f1a2 is the second question in aspect 'a' in target area number 1.

Extended question bank

The question bank has been expanded with two additional areas, containing questions concerning digital teaching/ examination and VFU during covid-19 that can be used in course evaluations. Questions are available in both Swedish and English.

Extended question bank - digital teaching/examination and VFU under covid-19

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