Emergency contact ICE

In case of serious illness or accident, the Employer sometimes needs to contact people close to the employee.

Leave information about emergency contact.

Contact details for the emergency contact(s) are needed in the event of, for example, illness or an accident that you may suffer as an employee during working hours.

It is important that the employer can reach people close to you, if something were to happen.

You as an employee register your emergency contacts yourself by clicking LINK, information for at least one person needs to be provided. The information you enter is Name and Mobile number. The person(s) you specify as an emergency contact will receive an SMS with a link to a web page where they can see the information you registered. There is also a link where they can read more about what it means to be an emergency contact and how they do to remove themselves as an emergency contact.

The data is only used in an emergency by authorized personnel at KI and is never disseminated outside the organization and protected by GDPR. When the employee's employment is terminated, the information for the emergency contact(s) is automatically deleted.

The employee him/herself is responsible for correct information being registered.