How to prepare international collaborative agreements

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Academic agreements are signed at different levels of the university, by the Vice-Chancellor of Karolinska Institutet, department heads or by the Faculty Boards, depending on what organisational level and activities the agreement involves.

Memoranda of understanding (all levels) and agreements (research and doctoral activities) comprising the entire university are signed by the Vice-Chancellor of Karolinska Institutet or by the deans of the faculty boards.

Before suggestions of new agreements are taken to the KI Vice-Chancellor, the proposed agreement should be discussed within the Strategic Council for International Affairs.

In order to consider such an agreement, background information about the ongoing collaboration is required. The information should contain a description of the collaboration; the reason for establishing a formal agreement at the central level; and in what way such an agreement could contribute to the collaboration and benefit Karolinska Institutet.

For more information and preliminary discussions, contact:

Research collaboration, postdoctoral training and doctoral education

Johanna Ackemar
Lise-Lotte Vedin
Lotta Lundqvist

Bachelor's and master's education (first and second cycle eduation)

Bachelor's and master's, including professional degrees are signed by the Dean of Higher Education.

Erasmus agreements for teacher and/or doctoral student exchange on department level

Agreements concerning specific activities

Research and doctoral education activities targeting KI departments are signed by the department heads jointly with the chair of the Strategic Council for International Affairs. For coordination of international activities, it is always advisable to turn to the Central Administration for advice.

If the suggested agreement concerns research activities or doctoral education, the request shall pass Central Administration for approval and advice. If the suggested agreement concerns education at the bachelor's and/or master's level, please see above.

When a proposed memorandum or agreement, at any level, has been approved by the Central Administration or by a department head, the Legal Office at KI should be consulted for advice and set up of such a memorandum or agreement.