How to prepare international collaborative agreements

International collaboration agreements are signed at different levels at Karolinska Institutet (KI) in accordance with the Order of Decision and Delegation at KI. The information on this page relates to agreements prepared in various ways by or through the International Office. These agreements rarely concern individual research projects.

The president decides on general agreements with universities, industry or other organisations, or agreements that are of particular strategic importance to KI. Proposals for new university-wide collaborations with foreign universities and organisations are usually prepared through the internationalisation advisory council.

To consider new collaboration agreements, the proposal needs to be prepared from different perspectives and a number of questions should be answered in order to provide information on the possible added value of a cooperation agreement. Important aspects are benefits, risks and ethical issues, commitments, rights, anchoring, costs and administration.

Collaboration in higher education (First and Second Cycle Level)

The Committee for Education at First and Second Cycle Level decides on international agreements on student exchange at programme level and on concluding agreement with Swedish or foreign higher education institutions regarding education leading to dual, multiple or joint degrees at first and second cycle level.

Collaboration in doctoral education

The Committee for Doctoral Education decides to enter into an agreement with Swedish and foreign higher education institutions regarding education leading to dual, multiple or joint doctoral degrees.

Collaboration agreements on departmental level

Jointly with the president, the Head of Department signs departmental agreements (one or more departments) concerning collaboration with a department (or equivalent unit) at a foreign university or research/educational institution.

Prior to the signing of collaboration agreements at departmental level, the International Office of the University Administration is contacted for advice. All agreements must also be reviewed by KI's lawyers before signing. 

There are limitations in the delegation regarding international collaborative agreements signed by the Head of Department, see Decision-making procedures and delegation rules for Karolinska Institutet.

Research contracts

For contracts/agreements regarding individual research projects/studies there are guidelines. For more information, see Guidelines for research-related contracts. For questions, please contact Legal office.

University-wide collaborations and collaborations in doctoral education, contact:

Johanna Ackemar
Mia Bjerke
Lotta Lundqvist

Collaboration in education, contact:

Erika Dabhilkar

Erasmus agreements at departmental level for teacher exchange and/or doctoral student exchange, contact:

Kristina Jesinkey