Introductory Doctoral Supervision Course

This course is obligatory for all who wish to be registered as a principal doctoral supervisor and who has not previously acted as a principal supervisor for at least one doctoral student who has gained a Swedish doctorate.

Aims and content

The aim of the course is to prepare participants for the role of supervisor and to provide insight into the responsibilities that it entails. Participants will be provided with ample opportunity to discuss various aspects of the role and will be given a solid grounding on the rules pertaining to doctoral supervision and on how to deal with different educational phases and problems.

The course includes the following:

  • Supervision; roles, responsibilities and communication
  • The supervisor and some legal arenas
  • Research ethics
  • Diversity and equal treatment
  • Intercultural communication
  • Doctoral education at KI
  • Intended learning outcomes
  • Rules for doctoral education at KI
  • Recruiting a doctoral student
  • Written assignment


The duration of the course corresponds to one week of full-time study, comprising four full days of lectures and group work, and concluding with an individual written assignment, Supervision plan. A web course is to be completed before the course start.

To meet different requirements and needs, the course is either held continuously over one week (5 days including the examinations tasks).

Eligibility and selection

The course is for active researchers at KI (or one of its partner universities) who hold a PhD. The web course should be implemented successfully before the start of the Introductory Doctoral Supervision Course.

Priority will be given to researchers who have not yet acted as principal supervisor for at least one graduating doctoral student and who will be registered as principal supervisor within the coming six months.

Web course

To be qualified to take the Introductory Doctoral Supervision Course you have to do the web course "Web Course for Supervisors" . You will find the web course in Canvas. To get access to the web course, please contact the Education officer.

The Board of Doctoral Education has therefore decided to impose the requirement that as of 1 April 2016, all principal supervisors are to have obtained a passing score on the online course for supervisors no earlier than 5 years prior to accepting a new student.

More information about the web course.

Number of participants

The maximum number of participants is 32.

Courses autumn 2021

Course GK3 - September 27-30

Language: English
Course dates: September, 27-30
Location: Digital at Zoom

Registration closed

Last day to register August 11th

Course GK4 - November 8-11

Language: English
Course dates: November, 8-11
Location: Campus Solna

Register here

Last day to register September 25th

Courses spring 2022

Course GK1 - March 14-17

Language: English
Course dates: March, 14-17
Location: will be communicated later

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Last day to register January 24

Course GK2 - May, 9-12

Language: English
Course dates: May, 9-12
Location: will be communicated later

Register here (will open in November)

Last day to register March

Course leaders

Kent Jardemark

Lecturer senior
C3 Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Gabrielle Paulsson-Berne

Educational developer
TL Teaching and learning


Elisabet Lindgren

Education officer
Team Learn Tech
C7 Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics