ISP: Frequently asked questions

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ISP-system at KI

Why should the ISP system be used at KI?

Which information is required in the ISP? 

I am a newly admitted doctoral student. How should I fill out my ISP in the ISP-system?

Do I need to print out or archive my ISP from the system?

ISP access and roles in the system

How can principal and co-supervisors get access to the ISP-system?

What is a co-supervisor's role in the ISP-system?

I am both supervisor and Study Director, how can I switch roles in the ISP-system?

I'm a doctoral student, and I can't access the ISP system.

Create and write a new ISP

I am a principal supervisor, I have been granted ISP-access and the role of supervisor. Where can I find the "Create study plan" button?

I am a principal supervisor and I can't find my doctoral student

I am a principal supervisor and I can't find the "Approve" button

I am a doctoral student and I can't edit some sections in the ISP system. Why?

I am a doctoral student and I can't see my study plan. Why?

Follow-up and update your ISP

How can I see updates made in the ISP?

How often is the ISP-system updated with information from Ladok?

As a doctoral student, how can I update my ISP?


How can I change a principal supervisor in the ISP-system?

How can I change a co-supervisor in the ISP-system?

If a doctoral student has changed department, what action is needed in the ISP-system?

Admission to Doctoral Education (latter part)

Forced approval

ISP e-mail notifications

Who receives e-mail notifications, when and why, during the creation of the ISP?

Who receives e-mail notifications during revision of the ISP?

When do the automatic e-mail notifications stop?

ISP message box

How should I use the message-log function?

Web browser / language / login

Which web browser is recommended for using the ISP-system?

How can I access the Swedish/English version of the ISP-system?

What is the difference between internal and external login fields?